PhiloWeb 2017 (June 26, Stanford, CA)

PhiloWeb 2017 is co-located with IACAP 2017


Title: The Philosophy of the Web: Metaphilosophy, Google and Beyond
Speaker: Harry Halpin (Inria/MIT)

The “Philosophy of the Web” proposes that philosophical questions, from epistemology to ethics, need to be re-thought in the context of the universalizing hyper-connectivity of the Internet and Web. We’ll revisit the key questions of brought up in the philosophy and the Web seminar at Google last year including “fake news” and machine-learning, determine how these questions evolved over the last year, and ask what new questions are the horizon.

9:00-9:30 AM

Title: Asynchronous futures: Digital technologies at the time of the Anthropocene
Speaker: Alexandre Monnin (Inria)

The reality of climate changes and more broadly of the Anthropocene has been gradually acknowledged. Nevertheless, the current trend of digitization that is affecting our world opens futures which are largely at odds with the environmental predictions that now loom over our heads. How can we make sense of what’s to come? This talk will attempt to suggest ways to synchronize our now asynchronous futures.

9:30-10:00 AM

Title: Onions of Identity and the Identity of Onions
Speaker: Paul Syverson (Naval Research Lab, co-inventor of Tor)

In this talk I will briefly discuss the epistemology of individuals: individuation, recognition, and awareness, particularly in the context of web communication. I will then describe onion routing, a technology we created to separate identification from routing, and that currently has millions of daily users via the Tor network. I will also describe Tor onion services, which offer protections for site identity and identification not available via the standard mechanisms for website encryption and authentication.

10:00-10:30 AM

Panel and Discussion: The Philosophy of the Web: AI, Identity and Anonymity

Moderator: Harry Halpin

  • Sam Goto (Google)
  • R.V. Guha
  • Jessika Khazrik (MIT)
  • Alexandre Monnin (Inria)
  • Peter G. Neumann (SRI)
  • Warren Sack (UCSC)
  • Paul Syverson (NRL)

10:30 – 11:30 AM

We will try to break into small groups if time and space allow for further discussion.

Copies of “Philoweb: Toward a Philosophy of the Web” (a special issue of Metaphilosophy co-authored by Monnin and Halpin) will be available.