PhiloWeb participants’ abstracts are now available.

  • Are Web ontologies formalizations of previously existing conceptualizations or an opportunity to contrive new concepts? Are we making our way toward an experimental metaphysics or even techno-metaphysical inventions?, Bruno Bachimont.
  • Ontology shifted from entities to operations, Pierre Livet.
  • What is a digital object?, Yuk Hui.
  • Are URIs actually names?, Henry S.Thompson.
  • Artificial Intelligence versus Collective Intelligence: The Hidden
    Philosophical Lineage of the Web
    , Harry Halpin.
  • Webmarks: revisiting the notion of bookmarks toward contextualized reference on the web, Nicolas Delagorge.
  • Philosophy and the Social Web, Henry Story.
  • An ontology of the Web? From words and things to URIs and resources: the Web as a mediator of philosophical questions, Alexandre Monnin.
  • From folksonomies to ontologies: proposal of a socio-technical solution, Freddy Limpens.