Project ValueModels accepted (Idex UCA JEDI, Académie 1, RISE)!

The “TCP-IP + Blockchain” platform I initiated has submitted a project to the Academy 1 (RISE) of the UCA JEDI Idex which was recently funded.

The overall aim of this project, entitled ValueModels, is to mobilize Semantic Web technologies to better take into account the non-market value(s) ascribed by actors in their various activities so as to allow them to better cooperate (by automating new chains of value with Blockchains – thus putting the latter to good use!).

Unlike traditional Semantic Web ontologies which focus mainly on modelling domains of objects, ValueModels targets values and valuation processes thus displacing the traditional goal of computer ontologies.

Here is the summary of the project:

The ValueModels project which is part of the TCP-IP + Blockchain cooperative platform (also submitted as a manisfestation d’intérêt) aims to create a new technical and methodological framework to help detect value(s) and valuation practices and thence bridge the gap between knowledge engineering and the Semantic Web on the one hand and Blockchains on the other. This is done by developing a new approach to modelization in terms of valuation rather than domains so as to foster collaboration among actors who share a compatible approach to valuation by allowing them to implement new cooperative “value chains”. We believe ontology engineering on the Semantic Web has mainly fostered interoperability among datasets rather true cooperation among actors and institutions. To address this shortcoming, it is necessary to model values and valuation practices rather than domains. Value chains among actor who hold compatible value models may then be automated with Blockchains in order to support fruitful cooperation and foster the advent of a sustainable economy which promotes recognition of the diversity of valuation practices and maximizes the production of positive externalities.

This project is a multidisciplinary endeavor between Inria (WIMMICS), Chelsea College of Arts, Villa Arson, CNRS (Gredeg), Mnémotix, Club Cap EF.