DCRL Questions

What are digital Cultures? The DCRL-interview-series “Questions”
The term “digital cultures” is all-encompassing and at the same time vague. The purpose of the interview-series QUESTIONS of the DCRL (Digital Cultures Research Lab) is to start specifying the broadness of the term by asking researchers as well as practitioners in various fields to further define the notion and its implications. In a five-minute time slot, the interviewees answer four standard questions:
What are digital cultures?
What are the potentials of digital cultures?
What are the dangers of digital cultures?
What lies beyond digital cultures?

At the end of the interview, one specific question is asked according to which section of the CDC the interviewee is participating in.
Team DCRL: Martina Leeker with: Paul Feigelfeld, Irina Kaldrack
Video CDC: Nicole Smith

DCRL Questions: Alexandre Monnin from Centre for Digital Cultures on Vimeo.